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Red Diamonds


I need a real love like Mary did
Only fly Virgin like Mary with
A new crib young money like Tyga said
Money don't make you a champ ask Iverson
Broke my arm going hard in the paint yeah
Slowed me down then I started to think clear
If I'm dead I'm all I can take
More truffle butter please on my lobster and steak
I watched a girl stay with a dude just for the title
It showed me some girls just wanna be lied to
She said if the truth hurt you can keep it
Real love is in you, not the diamond on your finger

Red Diamonds
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They say nigga just a word huh
We gave power to it now people say it because its something they heard
They say Christ was a prophet
I believe
That he had it right
You fight war with the peace
Fire with water
Not poverty with police
Fear with love
That's all we ever need
My grandpa use to tell me one day you gon see

Its bigger than me
Its bigger than you
Its bigger than us
Yeah yeah yeah
If I give it all up I can't loose
Yeah that's exactly what I'm gon do
Yeah that's exactly what I'm gon
Do do
do do do dooo
Do do
do do do do dooo
Do do
Do do do do dooo
do do do doo
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Sorry lord for idolizing and sinning
But I gotta show these fools I'm fresher than duke of Windsor 
The motto, fuck loosing and models
Elegance on tracks like I'm running and Ferragamo 
Python loafers yeah that's what I do to snakes 
stop talking back boy, all you shoot is blanks 
My pockets fat boy, all they chew is cake 
lay ya bitch down, she cook for me then leave you the plates 
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Hustle my religion
The game is my church
Yeah a nigga gotta eat getting paid off the verse
Like churches
A nigga gotta eat getting paid off the verses
Hustle my religion nigga
Hustle my religion nigga
Like churches 
A nigga gotta eat getting paid off the verses

They tryna tell me that I need to be in the in-crowd 
Nah my squad good we in the hood and the pent house 
Talking about movements when I shit on niggaz 
My new shit my old shit it still kill of niggaz 
Labels waiting for him to blow up on his own
What that teach you? Everybody want a cut when you on 
Niggaz still don't pull eachother up when they on 
That's why half these niggaz still stuck at they moms 
yea I grind so much I lift tuff with one arm 
WIZUP that's the label fresh tux like its prom 
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