These days 
I be keeping to myself
Yeah I always had Trouble speaking up when I need help

It's all family when ya going with the flow They wish death on ya soul soon as you tell them no

Fuck that We from Texas
Yaw weak sauce leave that fake shit in ya neckless
Hit Stubbs in the summer grabbed the mic and I wrecked it
Bout to blow up while these fools well rested
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Slow It Down


It must be the syrup that I'm sipping
Got these bad hoes looking better in my vision
Don't worry about it baby I ain't looking for commitment
Just take a sip of this and slow it down

Slow it down
She chasing waterfalls messing with me

Hit it like king Griffey, then slide home, plate empty

She mad cuz I'm busy
Hustle like Nipsey
I'm on some M o B shit
Until - I'm 50

I'm a attic work-a-holics Anonymous
We tryna eat
Me and my squad on some parana shit
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